Final project at CICE

This is my final Master project at the school of CICE (Madrid).

When I started thinking about the project I decided that I wanted to focus on a project that would force me to improve my skills, texturing, lighting, modelling, etc.
Therefore, I decided to guide my project to scenes where the objects were very close to the camera so the textures have to work at the highest level.
As a second objective, I wanted to convey to the viewer the sensation of seeing a temporarily uninhabited house, like a holiday home. Here I wanted to transmit stillness and coldness with light and a dusty environment.
I decided to avoid any objects in motion, forcing me to give all the prominence to the light. Given the short delivery time, I decided to leave that for postproduction.

For modelling I used 3d studio max.
For basic textures and lighting, Vray and for the final textures Substance designer.
For postproduction, NukeX.
For final editing and rendering, Premiere Pro.
For cloth, Marvelous designer.

Modelled, textured and lighted 100% by me.